St. Johns Yacht Harbor
2408 Maybank Highway
Johns Island, SC 29455

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Clean Marina Program

St. Johns Yacht Harbor is in the process of becoming a Certified Clean Marina.  This is a voluntary program by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to protect coastal water quality through eco-friendly programs and practices.  The primary aim of the program is pro-active prevention by educating conscientious boaters and marina owners on Best Management Practices for preventing pollution.

Our Clean Marina Program Includes:

  • Implementing a master plan which clusters amenities, facilities, and structures to allow for the re-establishment of marshes and green space
  • Transforming all parking to pervious surfaces, which both mitigate storm water run-off into marshes, and serve as a cooling device for rainwater before it reenters the ground
  • Introducing bio-swales to further reduce the negative impact of storm water runoff and enhance filtration
  • Partnering with environmental groups to develop a Waterway Education and Responsibility Program for marina owners and boat slip owners
  • Reconfiguring the marina fuel system and building a new emergency containment system
  • Working with landscape architects to protect and enhance natural vegetation within the property and along its perimeter
  • Providing free pump-out for all marina vessels, while docked in one of our slips

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