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4.6 Star Rating
with over 145 reviews

"I just happened into staying here. What an amazing place. First class amenities. Extremely modest rates. The friendliest staff in the planet. Beautiful pool. Bathroom and shower facilities that put country clubs to shame.They even have a courtesy car. Best of all.. a great selection of IPA. Who could ask for more?"

- Leason Kington

Waterway Guide

4.8 Star Rating
with over 14 reviews

"This is the nicest marina in Charleston. The staff are knowledgeable and friendly. The facility is kept spotless and the amenities are fantastic. More than fair pricing for what you get. A pleasure to stay here. "

- Rusty Mitchell

Active Captain

4.6 Star Rating
with over 154 reviews

"Plenty of water. Time your arrival for slack tide if possible. Extremely dog friendly. Car available and groceries just a ten minute drive away. Wonderful pool. Extremely friendly dock hands. We enjoyed much more than the city mega docks. Definitely one of our favorite marinas."

- Jake and Kate